To face the tradeoffs in the budget of households and the pressure of e-commerce, large retailers innovate by promoting their own brands and services drive. They therefore complicate their supply chain while enhancing their relationships with their clients.

The volatility of commodity prices leads to its share of new cash management needs.

Saint-Honoré Partenaires performed varied assignments in this sector

  • Audit and Certification
  • Control and diagnosis of internal control system in the outlets
  • Validation / evaluation of intangible assets (CDAC (‘Administrative authorizations’), Business)
  • International Development Assistance
  • Taxation (specific taxes, CICE, ...)
  • International Accounting Standards

Some examples of tasks

  • Establishment of control procedures in the deployment of an ERP (procedures manual group, user control); automatic controls; schemes of accounting entries
  • Conversion of financial statements to IFRS standards including international coordination
  • Diagnosis of the internal control system and measuring the effectiveness and operational performance (France and abroad)
  • Preventing the risk of fraud in outlets
  • Data-mining and continuous audit