The automotive industry is experiencing profound and joint mutations: major technological innovations (embedded electronics, connectivity, electric car, ...), taking into account the respect for the environment in particular by new regulations (REACH) and new tax policies (environmental bonus ), pressure on margins of manufacturers and distributors of the double result of globalization and the European crisis. At the same time, opportunities emerge by the internationalization of trade as in obtaining new opportunities in the discovery of new sources of supply.

OEMs and manufacturers must maintain their innovative capacity by optimized management of their finance, drive performance with tools adapted to the new context and use new tax levers, all in an international context. Distributors must in turn control the tax changes, monitor their margins, and stay abreast of concentration opportunities.

Saint-Honore Partenaires can assist you on the following aspects:

  • IFRS standards: before, implementation, consultation, independent appraisals
  • Performance management and audit of internal control
  • Compliance with environmental standards
  • Tax advice
  • Financing and working capital management
  • Evaluations: valuation of assets and acquisitions
  • Preventing problems (restructuring, working capital, insolvency)

Some examples of tasks:

  • Establishment of a tool for determining and updating cash flow forecasts
  • Sector Accounting Issues (IFRS, French standards): tooling, mold, R & D costs (IAS 38) of sales accounting (IFRS 15)
  • Audit concessions (independent or network)