In a context of rising interest rates associated with a revaluation of lower rents than expected, the net asset value of land and even quotations can be lowered.
Nevertheless, the real estate market tensions are all advantageous acquisition opportunities, the SIIC regime giving investors the guarantee of a steady rise in liquidity, which makes a strong argument to attract savings intended to ensure French retirement and arrange financing.
However, one must remain informed of tax developments.

The firm has gained diverse experience in the property market thanks to its clients, real estate investors and operators:

  • Office Estate,
  • Hotel Estate,
  • Real Estate Health (Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes)
  • Shopping malls.

The firm brings its industry expertise in a variety of frame:

  • Audit and certification of accounts
  • International accounting standards: fair value (IFRS 13), investment property (IAS 40) Tangible assets (IAS 16), leases (IFRS 16)
  • Taxation (SIIC regime, VAT on rents, law changes and capital gains)
  • Law
  • Asset Value (NAV)
  • Transition Management