News and Finance Act: What's at stake for your 2022 closing?


Saint-Honoré Partenaires hosted a webinar on tax news and the French Finance Act.

It covered the following topics in particular:

  • The main new features of the Finance Act
  • Opportunities for the 2022 financial statements through an analysis of current case law
  • The outlook and trends for taxation in France"


  • Denis Van Strien, partner at Saint-Honoré Partenaires, chartered accountant, statutory auditor, DESS in Tax Law, is head of Saint-Honoré Partenaires' tax technical unit. He is also a director and lecturer at the Club Fiscal of the Conseil Supérieur de l'Ordre des Experts-Comptables, a lecturer in tax law at the University of Burgundy, and a legal expert at the Paris Court of Appeal.
  • Amélie Pollutri, tax specialist with the Saint-Honoré Partenaires tax unit.